Turkish emir (q.v.) whose pirate fleet, based at Phokaia (q.v.), at the northern entrance of the bay of Smyrna (q.v.), menaced the Aegean (q.v.) from ca. 1088-1092, capturing Chios, Lesbos, Rhodes, and Samos (qq.v.). Tzachas aligned himself with Pechenegs (q.v.) and attacked Abydos (q.v.) in 1092, creating the possibility of Turkish raids into mainland Greece (q.v.). Once he rebuilt his navy (q.v.), Alexios I (q.v.) was able to prevent this by going on the offensive, recapturing Chios and Lesbos. He then conspired with Kilij Arslan I (q.v.) to assassinate Tzachas (ca. 1093).

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